Kevin Verpaele Excels as Both a Businessman and as a Family Man

Kevin VerpaeleWhile Kevin Verpaele was actually born in Elmhurst, Illinois, he has lived most of his life, both as a child and as an adult, in Florida. He grew up in Merritt Island, Florida, where he graduated from Merritt Island High School in 1999. Following graduation, he moved on to the University of South Florida, which he attended on a football scholarship. Kevin became a starting safety on that school’s football team, while at the same time he was married and raising a child with his wife. A testament to his sense of responsibility is his willingness to leave football practice early to pick up his daughter from her child care facility, wearing his complete uniform, and coming back to practice to finish. In his senior year, he was even named captain of the football team, which was a huge honor.

After he finished college, he and his family moved to Melbourne, Florida, in Brevard County. Over the past 15 years or so, Kevin Verpaele has managed to compile a significant amount of work experience. Following college, Kevin worked on the Space Lift Range Systems at Patrick Air Force Base as a configuration manager. These days, he has acquired and currently runs Critter Ridders Pest Control in Brevard County, which offers a wide range of pest prevention and remediation services to residential and commercial properties throughout the county, all at prices anyone can afford.

The one thing Kevin Verpaele is most proud of is his family. His oldest daughter – the one he used to interrupt practice to pick up from day care – is now a sophomore at the University of Alabama, where she has a high Grade Point Average and has made the Dean’s List. His other five children are similarly successful, except for those who are too young to have accomplished anything so far.